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Building a Healthy Relationship With Food For Weight Loss Success

August 30, 2016 no comments operator Categories Blog, Healthy Living, Uncategorized

Establishing a healthy relationship with food is crucial for long term weight loss success. This means ditching the diet mentality, and sticking to a healthy lifestyle permanently. Yo-yo dieting gets us nowhere. These diets are always temporary, and the effects are erased the minute you go back to your typical lifestyle. In order to make permanent weight loss changes, you need to make permanent lifestyle changes.

This might sound scary, but a healthy lifestyle is nothing like dieting. There are no absurd restrictions, just limitations you set for yourself. This also means no “cheat days” or “bad foods”. These concepts are success killers! Setting a cheat day only encourages binging, which will never get you anywhere. Determining a food as “bad”or “off limits” will only make you want it more. In order to create a lifestyle you can stick to, you need to practice balance. Establishing a healthy relationship with food means listening to your body. We seem to have lost touch with the signals our bodies send us. When we crave something “bad” we tell ourselves we can not indulge and it just makes us want it more. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy your favorite food in moderation, and only on occasion.

There are no “on” and “off” periods when you create a healthy relationship with food. You are not yo-yoing in and out of dieting phases. You are living a healthy lifestyle you can maintain and practicing balance. This is the key to weight loss success, and the key to a happy healthy lifestyle.