Keeping Up With Your Goals With A Busy Schedule

June 18, 2017 no comments operator Categories Blog, Healthy Living, LBS Nutrition

Maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle can require some effort, especially when we are constantly on the go. Whether you’re rushing to get to work or running from one errand to the next, you still have to eat!  Knowing how to make decent choices and plan better for our hectic lives is crucial for staying on top of our wellness goals.

Tips For On The Go

The most important thing to remember is having foods around that will be filling and hold you over longer.  This includes protein/healthy fat based snacks.  Going long periods of time or eating carbohydrate heavy snacks will make you even more hungry and increase cravings.

Some filling and nutritious snacks:

  • Roasted edamame/crunchy edamame
  • Sunflower or pumpkin seeds
  • Individual Justin’s Peanut Butter Packs with a piece of fruit or with celery
  • Protein shakes (make at home or get pre made ones)
  • Protein bars (should be balanced, at least 15-20 g protein and less than 6 g sugar)
  • Cheese sticks and large handful of nuts or seeds
  • Raw veggies- try sugar snap peas and sweet peppers

Also try to stay mindful and accountable! Tracking what you eat at least 3-4 times per week on an app or the old fashioned way, pen and paper, will help. This will keep you honest and maybe even prevent you from choosing that cookie or bag of potato chips!

Last but surely not least, make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Dehydration can mimic hunger.  Sometimes buying the bigger bottles (24 oz or more) can help you get your fluid requirements in easier than the smaller bottles. Do what works for you! Drinks such as Powerade Zero, Propel, Vitamin Water Zero will also work if you want to switch it up.

The main idea is, you want to avoid getting too hungry! This is what leads to poor decisions that will ruin your progress (and being starving is not fun). Keep high-protein / healthy fat snacks on hand to keep you satisfied all day. “Snacking” on a large handful of nuts and a cheese stick will leave you much more satisfied than a bag of chips or pretzels!

Meals On-The-Go

It can be difficult to make good choices when you’re in a rush, so being prepared can be very helpful. Here are some quick meals to pack if you know you will be out all day:

  • Salads or wraps with chicken/fish meat/ask for avocado
  • Yogurt with seeds, nuts, and some berries
  • Lean meat and vegetables



Convenience Stores & Rest Stops

Emergency meals can be tricky, so being prepared is always the best option. Still, we all get stuck at times and end up stopping at a convenience store for chips and candy. Knowing the more balanced choices before the situation arrives can help you stay on track. Go for nuts, seeds, plain yogurt (add nuts or a little granola), fruit with nut butter, vegetables with hummus, hard boiled eggs, protein drinks, and protein bars rather than the cookies, chips, cereal, cereal bars… the list goes on.

Fast Food

Even fast food chains can have decent choices. When in a pinch at these fast food restaurants, here are some of the healthier choices:

  • Chipotle: burrito bowl with chicken, veggies, black beans, and guacamole
  • Smashburger: Avocado black bean burger and veggie frites (veggies fries!)
  • Chick-Fil-A: grilled chicken nuggets
  • KFC: grilled chicken wings and small side of cole slaw
  • Subway: salad with chicken, turkey, or tuna and a little dressing, you can ask for extra protein
  • Starbucks: oatmeal(without the brown sugar), wraps, Moon Cheese, hummus/protein box


Again, notice that each of these meals is a balance of protein, fiber, and fats to keep you feeling satisfied for longer periods and prevent cravings.

Remember that we have to learn how to balance our healthy with our hectic days! They aren’t going anywhere unfortunately. However, this doesn’t mean you have to ruin your progress and how far you’ve come. Being just a little prepared beforehand can help you make better choices and keep you progressing nicely towards your goals.