Remembering Why We Eat: Food Is For Nourishment

August 31, 2016 no comments operator Categories Blog, Healthy Living, Uncategorized

Every aspect of our lives revolves around food. Social events, entertainment, and even our jobs can be food focused. It seems impossible to entertain yourself without including food.

This makes it really difficult to remember that food isn’t intended to be for anything except nourishment. Of course you should enjoy your food, but always keep in mind that nourishment comes first. Fueling your body with nutrients can solve so many problems that most people are unaware stem from food. This can include low energy levels, mood swings, stomach pain, muscle cramps, and many more.

In fact, most of our symptoms are linked with a vitamin deficiency because we aren’t fueling our bodies correctly. When our body is lacking a nutrient, it sends signals in order to communicate that you need to be paying better attention.

To prevent doing harm to your body, eat the rainbow! This ensures you are getting a wide variety of nutrients. In fact, the color of fruits and vegetables are often caused by the abundance of a certain vitamin. So if you eat multiple colors a day, you can be sure you’re getting a whole bunch of different nutrients.


Make sure to balance your nutritious foods with foods you enjoy. Fuel your body with a combination of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. The type of fruit or vegetable you eat to obtain those vitamins isn’t important. So no, you don’t need to force yourself to eat beats and kale if that’s not what you enjoy! Just make sure you are eating a wide variety of foods, so that you are getting a range of nutrients.

And don’t forget to enjoy it, too 🙂

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