Rachel Ozut, MS RDN RY

Registered Dietician Nutritionist

Rachel Ozut, MS RDN RYT, is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist at LBS Nutrition LLC. Rachel received her BS in Nutrition and Dietetics from West Chester University of PA. Following her undergraduate degree, she went on to continue her education at The College of Saint Elizabeth where she completed her 1200+ hour Dietetic Internship Program with a concentration in Entrepreneurial Practices plus a Master’s degree in Nutrition Sciences.

As both a Registered Dietitian and a Registered Yoga Teacher, Rachel holds years of experience in hospitals, private offices, corporate wellness, and yoga studios/fitness centers. Rachel emphasizes an individualized, client-centered approach to counseling and prioritizes clients’ holistic health and wellness to set realistic and attainable goals. Her overall philosophy is that fitness and nutrition should be simple and enjoyable, and that with the right tools and the right mindset, anyone desiring healthful changes can achieve them. She is an expert at meeting people where they are at and serving as a knowledgeable guide along a path to more wholesome living.

Rachel has extensive experience helping clients in their management of various chronic conditions including Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease/Hypertension, Chronic Kidney Disease, IBS, PCOS, and thyroid disorders. Appointments with Rachel are available virtually or in-person at our East Brunswick, NJ office.

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